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We are a content driven company…

We are an out and out media and news publishing company where we strive to create the most awesome content for our readers. We strive to create content on latest news, entertainment, humor, songs and poems, zodiac signs, social news and random things on life! We want to be informative in a creative and interesting way where readers can come & enjoy reading our stuff.

Our aim is to reach maximum readers around the world and become the top media and news publishing house in the years to come!!

People of any caste/sex/religion/ from any country are welcome to visit our site and enlighten themselves.

That said, we work round the clock just to entertain our readers with awesome and informative stuff everyday, hence the articles, the content which is made by our team of writers, should not be a fodder for any controversy or no one should get offended or hurt in any capacity. This applies to any person/community/religion/caste/country/state or city.

If you thought Scoopwhoop & Buzzfeed are interesting…than you will definately find us way cooler for sure!

Haineel D. Shah

Creative Head/Director


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