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10 Reasons Why Your 9 to 6 Job Sucks!

Not many may agree with this but the fact is that doing a job your entire life is equal to living in a cage and obeying your owner’s commands. Here we will let you know why the hell your 9 to 6 job sucks & why you should get a life!

Monotonous Life


Waking up daily at 8 or 9 in the morning, catching up the 9:22 train or going on your bike/car. Reaching 10 minutes late daily, lunch break at 1:30 or 2, then packing up at 6 and reaching home by 7 or 8. Having dinner and sleeping after a little walk with your wife or a little talk with your girlfriend. This schedule goes on for years. What do you live in this life? When do you spend time with your family? Have a great dinner with them, travel the world or have a great sex life with your girl? You miss out on everything behind that fucking job!



As mentioned in the first point, you almost spend 12hrs a day on your job. Add to it you are super stressed and tensed with lots of pressures in the office, the targets and other stuff. You almost burnout at the age of 28 or by 35 max. Your energy levels, your glow of the skin, your bubbly and chirpy nature, your sex drive and adventurous nature, everything is vanished behind that job of yours.

Decreases your intellectual power


Behind those small things like reaching office on time, managing to leave an hour early, achieving the targets and deadlines, worrying about promotions and incentives, you miss out on thinking big because your focus is entirely diverted on small issues of your office. That’s the difference between a boss and an employee!

You stop thinking big


As discussed in the third point, you stop dreaming big, having big goals like opening your own business, travelling the world, coming up with creative ideas, living a luxurious life as you are totally dedicated and thinking on small matters related to your job and office!

You Are Making Others Rich!


They hire you for 3-4 lakhs a years or maybe a little more and make you work for much more worth than that. Instead of working on your ideas you are working like a slave or a robot so that you can help them achieve their goals and dreams helping them earn millions and billions.

Office Politics


Just for a leave or a promotion people indulge in office politics, pleasing your seniors and bosses, performing nicely, begging and pleading to seniors just for a one day leave for a week in advance, bitching about colleagues. Small things are always done by small people. Are you a dog or a slave?

Small Thinking


When will you start your own business, buy your own dream car, travel the world, have your own house and have a gorgeous wife by your side when all you are worried about everyday is when will I get a 10% promotion, how will I manage to leave the office early today? Or how will I reach the target which my boss has given?!

Hides the tiger in You!


This is not an over-statement. You are capable of so many things in life, you want to do and achieve so much. You are so much passionate and determined for good things in life. But your monotonous 9 to 6 lifestyle does not allow you to show that hidden tiger in you.

You Are Not Living Your Life


A great sex with a random girl, doing your hobbies, partying hard, travelling the world, buying your dream car, playing sports and doing adventures, are you doing all this? No, you are not because you are jailed in a Monday to Friday/Saturday job which is from 9 to 6 everyday.

9 to 6 Tradition Is Now Passe’


Literally gone are the days of working from 9 to 6. Even the government has made it 8hrs of job as mandatory for all companies for their employees. In the world of creative and innovative start-ups, talent and ideas are promoted and not how much hours you sit and how much formal you are in your appearance and dressing! Wake up Guys! Its High time!


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