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Shocking! These Were The Last Five Words Uttered By Osama Bin Laden Minutes Before His Death!

Osama Bin Laden, the most dreaded and feared terrorist in the world who terrorized and ruled the entire world with his terror activities and even inflicted damage to the most powerful country in the world ”The United States” met the most cowardly death we always wished for. All thanks to the Barack Obama and his elite team of commandos who raided his highly secured Abottabad compund! Through our secret archives and classified documents, here’s what we found out about the last five words Osama Bin Laden uttered minutes before his death!



Osama who never respected the values of almighty, almighty never endorsed the massacre of people and Osama who never bent down to anybody finally had to beg from his allah to save his life! Someone rightly said, that whatever you do, good or bad is repaid in this life only!

“Please Leave My Family & Kids Alone”


Surprisingly he uttered this sentence in English to the commandos. Osama was a family guy, we do came to know about this from many sources and so did he proved even moments before his death where he pleaded to the U.S president and the commandos to spare his family members, her wives and kids alone. The U.S and their commandos on their part did granted that wish and spared his family members, though one of his sons did died in a fire round while trying to save his dad.

“Mistake of the Jihadists”


Osama continuously kept on saying to the commandos that he is innocent and he is being framed and it was all mistake of the Jihadists! But U.S had already made their mind and did not spare him.

“ I can Assist You, Just Don’t Kill me”

osama bin laden night vision death photo

Bin Laden the great negotiator even tried to make deals with the U.S force and Obama even when he was totally raided and screwed offering them to help if they don’t kill him.

“Please Don’t Kill Me”


Just hearing this phrase from once the most powerful and maniac personalities in the world can give you a different sort of orgasm, Osama kept on chanting “Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me” minutes before he was completely shot dead!




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