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10 Awesome Reasons Why Mumbai Rocks & Why There Can Never Be A Second Mumbai Anywhere In The World!

Mumbai is the only place in the world where you will get to see anything and everything. Here no one is left unemployed or hungry, there is a place for everybody. The land of dreams has so much to give…

Jobs for all


Be it an entry level job for an illiterate person, be it a fresher or a student or a top graduate, Mumbai has different types of jobs for everyone. No one will ever sit idle if they want some work in Mumbai. Mumbai has the most diverse corporate offices ranging from BPO’s, Corparates, Multi-nationals, Engineering companies and firms, I.T companies, Law firms, Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Actors & Sportspersons.

Friendly & Helpful people


You suddenly faint on the road or ask for a route to someone, people will gather immediately to help you out till you are sorted. You got injured in an accident, they will pick you up, feed you and take you to the hospital leaving their busy work and life behind, such are the people of Mumbai!

Awesome Nightlife!


Mumbai houses the most happening clubs of India. The nightlife is crazy and still rising in Mumbai. The youth, the teenagers, the babes, the cream crowd, drinks & awesome music come together to prove you that “Mumbai Never Sleeps”

Amazing South Bombay!


Iconic British buildings, the most iconic & luxurious hotels, the richest people of India, old Parsi bakeries, Financial Institutions, posh restaurants and stores, the awesome view of Marine Drive and the Arabian sea, Clubs, shopping streets, famous colleges and food joints, museums, libraries and art galleries adorn the entire South Bombay which starts from Mumbai Central to Churchagate/Viti.

Financial & Bollywood Capital of India!


The entire Bollywood Industry, the Tatas, the Ambanis, the Oberoi’s, The Kapoors, the Mallya’s and the Bacchhans, the Bombay Stock Exchange, The National Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank Of India, The World Trade Center, The Official Goverment Institutions, foreign embassies, universities and more, everything is present in Mumbai. More than half of the India’s Revenue comes from Mumbai Itself.

Amazing Food!


You name it and you get it. There are thousands of speciality and iconic food joints and restaurants adorning Mumbai and there must be hundreds of ’Must taste’ foods and cuisines which you should try atleast once.

Talented & Rising Youth


Probably Mumbai is the only City where youth is rising. Talented students, toppers, innovative ideas, start-ups, young entrepreneurs, artists and sportsmen, you will find all sort of youngsters living their life and fulfilling their dreams.


 Motivates You & Makes You Dream Big!

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Mumbai is the city of dreams, it inspires you to dream big, people here motivate, compete and push you to achieve your goals. You feel like you’ve got wings to dream big once you arrive in Mumbai or if you live in Mumbai because there is so much of scope and potential.

Lots of Places To Hangout


Clubs, cafes, malls, restaurants, famous food joints, musuems, parks, theatres, movies, beaches, restaurants, festivals etc. There is so much to explore in Mumbai that you will literally get exhausted roaming different hotspots inside the city.

Cultural Diversity!


Muslims, Christians, Jews, Gujus, Maharashtrians, Parsis, Punjabis and different type of castes and religions live together in Mumbai. Loving, fighting, sharing, eating, helping, we all do it together!


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