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Workly! A Much Needed Start-up For India! No More Scouting for offices from scratch, We already have it for you!


Don’t we agree? That it’s a wonderful time for Start-ups where every 3rd youngster wants to have their own business, their own ideas & creativity to get nurtured and live like a boss. We are witnessing an era where creativity and innovation is appreciated to its fullest. This is also probably the best time to showcase your hidden talents!

But often between our start-up endeavors we get stuck when we have to arrange for a good office space, a place where you can thrive as a freelancer alone or with your team of colleagues, a place which is technically at a very good location with all the amenities and still be reasonably priced!

And to fulfill that dilemma, a guy called Piyush Panpalia, a post graduate from Newcastle University came with a bang. He introduced a unique start-up which is nothing less than a blessing for young freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs and SME’s.

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Located in the most upscale and posh area of Mumbai near CR2 mall at Bajaj Bhavan, Piyush Panpalia’s Ambitious venture named “WORKLY’  where in he has developed office spaces at the most premium locations are easily accessible by the public & the public transport where in freelancers, entrepreneurs and people from diverse fields can work & grow together. Workly is already making waves in Mumbai and New Delhi where they have developed amazing offices tailormade for your requirements & we are sure many more are to come!

If you are just wondering whether where will you crack an important meeting with your clients or whether you are just looking for an awesome office space just for yourself, Workly fits the bill perfectly. Even if you need some space to complete an urgent conference or whether you want to sit and work on a per day basis, Workly has every plans & packages tailormade according to your needs & requirements in their state of the art office at Nariman Point.

The office spaces are always equipped with the best amenities one can think of & the best part is all the office spaces are vastu compliant, airy and always flowing with adequate sunlight naturally spreading a positive vibe and helping you perform efficiently.

So the next time when you are worried about where to explore your start-up ambitions or when you are looking for a good office space at reasonable price for your existing or new business, you already know on whom you should rely on.

No more scouting for offices from scratch, we already have it for you!

Checkout their latest Nariman Point Office which is just too awesome!

 Also checkout their website-

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