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Aashkka Zaveri- A Young Rising Singer on the blocks..!

Born & brought up in Mumbai on 14th December 1998, Aashka Zaveri is an Indian Artist known for her singing and music skills. Aashka was only 6yrs old when music bug hit her and she fell in love with it.

A perfect mix of beauty with brains, Aashka has been part of many shows and gigs while she was only 16 when she participated in a reality TV Show called Sur Sagar. In her blooming career, the 21 yr old Aashka has performed with well known artists like Parthiv Gohil, Nayan Rathod amongst others. Aashka also performs in Antilla on every weekends at Mukesh Ambani’s house while right now she is learning music from Pt. Bhavdeep Jaipurwale.

Apart from singing, Aashka is also a piano artist where she can swoon you with her effortless and smooth combination of playing piano and singing along together.

Pursuing B.A in Music from SNDT College, she has also performed in Mid Day & has done numerous private shows in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Surat. Apart from being a good singer, she is also one gorgeous woman hence she receives many offers for collaboration in music videos. She has already been featured in many music videos too.

We wish the young girl keeps slaying and keeps rising on the music charts as she grows up!

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