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Namrata Rughani, many of us may have seen her already since she is the local girl of Kandivali and also works her heart out in managing one of the finest bakeries (Merwan’s) on Mathuradas Road. She is young, she is energetic and she is a hard working woman who tries to achieve stability in all the spheres of her life. She is also brave, confident and friendly with most of the people whom she interacts with on a daily basis. She is a multi-tasker and an ideal role model for many girls in the locality as she is not only married with a young 4 year old son but she is also a business woman who handles her business with a lot of hard work.


What made her join politics for Change- That calls for a Woman Power!


Namrata always had that urge inside her to see India as a better country to live, more than that she always wanted to bring the change atleast in her locality which is in her reach. Maybe it’s too early & tough to change the country but she can atleast start by bringing a change in her own locality which is our very own area ( Ward No.30 ) of Kandivali west.

As we got to know from her, Namrata explained, whenever she would walk out on the roads, she would see a struggle everywhere. From extreme traffic on the roads to auto rickshawalas not listening to anybody (not even senior citizens). Everyday she would walk out and she would feel bad about the condition of her locality. She wanted to bring that change and that was possible only if she joined a political party. Hence, Namrata decided to bring the change,stand up for the people of her area ( Ward no. 30 ) Kandivali and become the youngest candidate for ward no.30 in Kandivali joining hands with the legendary Shiv sena.


What Agendas are on Namrata’s Mind?


Namrata wants to completely change the face of Kandivali and it’s not just a political statement to gain votes, she literally means every word of it. She wants Kandivali to be traffic free, hassle free with people living their lives peacefully. She also wants Kandivali to develop in every spheres right from cleanliness to technology.

Here are some of her agendas which she shared with us-

She wants to ‘REGULATE’ the ever growing traffic on the entire Mathuradas road and the whole locality connected with it.

She wants to install ‘CCTV CAMERAS’ on every corner of the roads where there are yet to be   installed to bring more justice, reduction in crimes.

  1. namo3

She wants to make Kandivali a ‘DIGITAL KANDIVALI’ by enabling ‘WI-FI’ Pokets such as Bus Depot, Garden and other accessible areas.

  1. namo4

She wants more awareness and activities related to ‘CLEANLINESS’ and ‘HYGIENE’ which is a welcome change since Mathuradas road lacks a lot in terms of cleanliness.


Also she has decided to make a team along with a ‘WHATSAPP GROUP’ where all the fellow locals can share their problems so that the problems can be highlighted and solved easily


Unlike others, she also wants to be APPROACHABLE, ACCOUNTABLE & FRIENDLY towards people,  so that they can easily come and share their problems and grievances with her.namo7


In her Journey to bring the social change, Is she Sacrificing anything? The answer is YES!


At 26, Namrata Rughani is young, she is happily married, she has a four year old son to look back on, she has a full fledge family to run and handle, add to it she is also a business woman who helps her family in the business too.

Despite all the roadblocks coming her way, she is ready to manage or let’s say to an extent she is ready to sacrifice her own personal life just to see a better Kandivali & that’s really appreciation worthy & we must help her with full heart.


All in all a young mind like hers is trying to bring a change which can take Kandivali to a new level of development and for that we need to give her our support for sure. We need to vote her, that’s the biggest help which we can give to this young lady who is giving her best at whatever she does!


All the best Voters, vote wisely & vote for the best..Also cheers to the young Namrata Rughani who has dared to be different, the one who has a dream to see a better Kandivali!


Haineel Shah(editor)





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