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Taurus Woman & The Secrets To Attract Them!

Taurus Woman-

A Taurus woman is a confident, graceful and honest personality as a whole. They don’t get upset or hurt on small things quickly but when their patience is tested and they do get hurt, they can be really hotheaded, aggressive and stubborn. They are totally loyal and genuine by nature. Taurus woman are emotionally very strong and they can literally go through toughest of situations because of their will power. They are also very straightforward by nature and will tell you in your face whatever they feel, no matter if it is good or bad. They are also very independent and self made type of personalities. They don’t like to depend much on someone as depending on someone is not only risky but it also allows that particular person to dominate them which they truly hate. They like to take control of the situations instead of being stuck in it. The bull in their sun sign makes them great leaders but also a bit dictating by nature. They like to dominate wherever they go and hence this nature of theirs would come as a huge obstacle in their life. As friends, they are the most trustworthy and loyal creatures to have around. They also possess good sense of humor and they are complete foodies. So hanging out with them is also fun too! Once they fall in love, their intensity and passion can be matched only to a Scorpio’s. They are sincerely honest and committed. There will also be a lot of intimacy with these women because they love physical contact, closeness and pure intimacy when they fall in love.

How to attract a Taurus woman-

To attract a Taurus woman, you should be able to create a well balanced personality. Confident and chivalrous men are a huge turn on for these women. Hence it is obvious for guys to act confident around them. They also like men who are adventurous and food lovers because they themselves are foodies and love to travel.  A man who takes care of his fitness, his appearance is also a huge attraction for these women. They like guys who are ambitious and hard working and pursuing their dreams rather than ones who are confused about their life and living on their dad’s money. She won’t just allow anyone to come near her, so you have to be patient with her and gain her trust. If you truly want her and want to escape the friend zone, try to court her in a gentlemanly way by letting her know that you want her. Bring her flowers, listen to what she is speaking, tolerate her mood swings and she will totally fall for you. Taurus woman are known to have trust issues. Winning her trust and making her feel secured is the best way to win over her heart and bring her closer. Also these woman love arts and music, surprise her by taking to a museum, wine tasting, concert or even a theatre. She will bounce with happiness, energy and passion.


Famous Taurus Personalities- Gigi Hadid, Adele, Miranda Cosgrowe, Queen Elizabeth II


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