All About Animal Charities With Gift Shopping

We have to do these Christmas shopping anyway, why not help the animals while we’re at it? Many charities offer unique, beautiful and functional pet-themed gift ideas and pets for everyone on their list. All our purchases through animal charities can bring the mind back to the holiday, while otherwise we risk being sobered by the effort and spending.

You can also call your local organizations if they do not offer online purchases. Many have t-shirts, calendars or other “swag” on sale to raise money, like our British Columbia SPCA. Others bring items specifically for the Christmas season only, such as animal calendars.

If you do not find anything to buy for that special person, you can always make a donation in his name.

Note: we have updated the list for your convenience by removing the stores that are no longer in operation.

Animal lawful Defence Fund-ALdf clothing, mugs, tote and even a T-shirt for dogs.

The animal rescue center-this is part of a huge charity shopping portal with an incredible selection of Christmas gifts or other holidays in animal and pet themes. They also offer charity greeting cards for animals, ornaments and Christmas decorations for animals, and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa articles on pet and animal themes.

Audubon Institute-The Audubon nature Institute offers a nice selection of wildlife gift items including clothing, accessories, nature DVDs, CDs, toys, games and a very cute Junior zoo guardian outfit.

BC SPCA clothing, necklaces, calendars, magnets, first aid kit, tote and more.

Canadian Fauna Federation-Canadian wilderness scenes have honored many Christmas cards. Here we have a nice selection of gift items on the theme of wildlife, Canadian, clothing, backdrops (including limited edition prints), from feeding places for birds, kits unique “bat bag” and “art bag” for children, of books and magazines about the fauna.

Cheetah conservation Fund-some unique opportunities for Cheetah lovers on your Christmas list, including a Cheetah calendar, a Special Edition t-shirt, books, and your charity articles through Cafe Press and Amazon.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium-All kinds of marine themed gifts, including Christmas tree ornaments, plush toys,art, DVDs, clothing, jewelry, stationery, etc.

Wildlife Defenders-wildlife conservation and habitat brings the holiday with jewelry, extinct animal species, stamps, bumper stickers, clothing and wildlife adoptions.

Unlimited Ducks Canada-clothing, accessories, outdoor gifts, interior decoration and unique tableware sets for kids Labrador or deer.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust-Gifts for wildlife, UK, including plush animals, toys, clothing, DVDS, acceptance kits, impressions and limited edition plates and office supplies,

Humane Society of the US Mail beautiful cards for Christmas and holidays. Shop for dog, cat, horses and farm animals, wild animals and Christmas or buy categories like jewelry, pet gifts, home accents and toys.

International Crane Foundation-a variety of holiday cards and gifts for lovers of cranes. Choose from jewelry, T-shirts, sweatshirts, stationery, hand-painted candles from African fair trade, books and more.

International Wolf Center business, The Wolf is more than a low-filled with unique gifts for wolves and other wildlife, including home decoration, clothing, jewelry, calendars, toys, books, music and movies.

Marine Mammal Center-Holiday And Christmas cards, sea calendars, home decor, jewelry, gifts, adoption of seals and soft sea otter pajamas for your favorite child.

Monarch Watch-unique Christmas gifts for fans of monarch butterflies, gardeners and citizen scientists of all ages.

National Wildlife Federation-Stunning holiday and Christmas cards for wildlife, wildlife items, and “planting a tree,” including Christmas tree decorations, clothing, clocks, tableware, decor, yard, toys, and adoptions.

Ontario SPCA – unique and collectable plush toys are available from the Ontario SPCA, including limited editions.

People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) for Pets in Need of Vet’s UK – Christmas cards personalized and many gifts for pets, including toys for pets and games for dogs and cats, stockings for dogs and cats, Advent calendars for Christmas for dogs or cats (we love this idea and boxes treats for dogs or cats. For pet parents, they have cat ornaments, salt and pepper shakers for cats, and other decorative items like the doormat that says “the cat and her caregivers live here.”

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation-these GIFT ITEMS have “outdoors” written all over them! Earthy colors and beautiful images of elk mountain on clothes, hats and hunting equipment for men, women and children, as well as novelties such as the control panel “Elk Crossing”, ” control panel-crib Made of wood, the leather wallet and calendar. Elk tin gifts include a stone, a bottle, a thermos, a decanter set, a belt buckle, a keychain and a letter opener.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (UK)-Cards and labels Christmas for birds, calendars, cameras, birds, feeding places and bird food, bath for birds, nesting boxes, books, toys, jewelry and decoration inside, including drawings of birds by Madeleine Floyd.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – International Online holiday shopping for really cool eco-ethical products including clothing, hand blown glass bowls, sector 9 skateboards, jewelry and stickers.

Snow Leopard Trust-handmade items, including knitwear, slippers, handbags, toys, ornaments, rugs and adoptions.

Tony la RUSSIA’s Animal Rescue Foundation-Celebrity Pet Calendar, signed baseball, baseball bracelets and unique T-shirts like Paws & Stripes Forever and Smooch Your Pooch,

Trumpeter Swan Society-Gorgeous limited edition swan prints and other collectibles, clothing, decals, books and videos.

Vancouver Aquarium-Christmas will be wonderful with this large selection of gifts for aquarium and underwater world, decorations, clothes, jewelry, books, souvenirs, ornaments made of glass by hand and tricks for children.

Wildlife Forever-Support the conservation of fish and wildlife this Christmas with critter boxes, lapel pins, clothing and really cool items from your Zazzle Store, like iPhone matter and business cards.

World Parrot Trust-Parrot and other bird lovers love these gifts of prints, calendars, rainforest arpilleras, parrot t-shirts, books, DVDs, and of course, parrot toys for your favorite feathered friend.

Global Fund for nature – more than 100 extraordinary species adoption sets, including a plush version of the species you adopted, as well as a matching gift bag, gift box, certificate and more. You also have a beautiful line of clothes, accessories, umbrella, watch and more.

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