Chris Farley Harley Is Must Recommended Bike

In the great history of celebrities whose motorcycles end up on auction blocks, there are plenty of names you had expect. For example, the collection of Elvis Presley is very well known. In recent years, almost everyone who drives knows that Keanu Reeves also loves to drive.

Buying a bike does not necessarily make you a rider. That’s not to cast a shadow over people who buy bikes and then find out it’s not for them. I mean, congratulations for trying and not being afraid to move on if you didn’t like it. People grow and change, and that’s what makes our whole lives what they are.

Anyway, one of those people was apparently Chris Farley. The after comedian bought this cream and grey 1997 Harley-Davidson XLH 1200 Sportster-just because he thought he should. For those who don’t know, Farley hails from Madison, Wisconsin, which is also where his family still lives. Wisconsin pride may have guided his hand in this purchase, but after a while in the saddle, he soon discovered that riding was not for him, according to his brother Tom. Therefore, this bike is only a few kilometers long.

It will be auctioned via Live auctions-and will end after today (at the time of writing) on November 13, 2020. If you look at the auction list, you will notice that “it shows easy use and [is] in very good condition. The ignition key is not found.”There seems to be a very good reason for this last judgement.

Farley’s brother has the key and posted on Facebook that if the auctioneer really wants to ride it, they should talk to him. It must have been a bittersweet story to tell, but it’s certainly a good one.

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