Some Pet Care Books To Add To Your Bookshelf

The animal welfare society has never been more conscious and pet parents have never loved their companions. The collective desire to learn more about the animals in our custody has triggered a demand for high-quality and highly sought-after books. Publishers have sought experts and scientific studies to create books that contain complete and accurate information that is easy for everyone to understand.

You will refer to these books again and again when you strive to provide the best natural care for your pets. Simply click on the Title or Photo to order online.

1. pet herbs: the natural way to improve your pet’s life by Mary L. Wulff and Greg L. Tilford

This book contains an A-Z guide to 110 medicinal plants, holistic recipes and dietary supplements for dogs, cats, horses, birds and more. This is a great resource for pet parents who want to learn more about natural therapies from reputable herbalists.

2. National Geographic Complete Guide to pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness: The veterinarian’s approach to home animal care by Gary Weitzman DVM

A renowned veterinarian offers expert advice on overall health, behavior, and training for cats, dogs, and other pets. This book combines first aid, medical reference, and trade tips and tricks, with a focus on dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and more. Dr. Gary Weitzman discusses topics such as stomach upset, home training, body discomfort, and behavioral counseling.

3. Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A comprehensive Guide to the Use of Essential Oils and Hydrosolen in Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell

Holistic aromatherapy for animals has been my point of contact for essential oils for some years. It includes much more than aromatherapy, with recipes and information on the use of essential oils and hydrosols in the natural care of animals.

4. The Cat Encyclopedia: the definitive visual guide TO DK

The Cat Encyclopedia offers everything you need to know about cats in a simple reference volume. It contains 644 pages of expert advice on the care of kittens and cats, as well as beautiful breed photos and information about the characteristics, origins and behaviors of each type of cat.

5. Complete cat grooming manual: the essential and practical guide to all aspects of caring for your cat by Dr Andrew Edney and Bruce Fogle

This how-to guide to caring for the most popular pet in the United States covers everything cat owners need to know and provides detailed information on every aspect of cat care. It contains over 600 color photos and is supported by the ASPCA.

6. the complete cat breeding book: choose the perfect cat for you FROM DK

We all know that cat breeds are different, but each breed can also be known for its behavioral characteristics and care needs. Choose the best breed for your lifestyle and you will both enjoy a lifelong attachment. The complete cat breeding book will help you choose your new best friend from over 50 cat breeds and show you how to take care of the one you bring home.

7. The Dog Encyclopedia: the definitive visual guide TO DK

The dog Encyclopedia is a beautifully illustrated book on the history, care, health, behavior and positive training of more than 400 dog breeds. Use the handy List of compatible protections to make sure they fit well.

8. Dr. Khalsa Natural Dog: Holistic Therapies, Nutrition and Recipes to keep Dogs from Deva Kaur Khalsa VMD

Dr.Khalsa’s Natural Dog has been expanded and updated in this second edition, offering pet parents an inspired way to design a diet specifically tailored to their dog’s needs, lifestyle, age and health. Dr. Khalsa’s methods combine traditional veterinary medicine, healthy eating and holistic therapies such as alternative methods, herbal remedies and botanical medicine.

9. The full range of Dog Book: Choose the perfect Dog for You from DK

This breathtaking, recently updated book features over 420 dogs and describes the care of each breed. Experts will teach you everything about your body characteristics, temperament, needs and history. Use the Q&A selection tables to find the best breed for you and your family.

10. What does my Dog think? Understand your dog to give you a happy life by Hannah Molloy

Have you ever wondered why your dog does what it does? This book reveals the scientific secrets behind more than 80 canine behaviors, including the seven types of canine greetings. Once you understand your furry friend better, use the positive reinforcement training tips and dog watching tips to get the most out of her.

11. the allergic animal: holistic solutions to end the Allergy epidemic in our dogs and cats by Deva Khalsa VMD

Holistic health therapies to keep your pets healthy and free of allergy symptoms. Learn how to use natural approaches to strengthen your pet’s immune system without The use of medicine. Consider advice on food sensitivity, hot spots, ear infections, ringworm, scabies, intestinal parasites, and vaccinations as you make a long-term health plan with your veterinarian.

12. Complete Horse Care Manual By Colin Vogel

Veterinarian and equine specialist Colin Vogel offers expert advice, feedback and instructions while learning how to properly care for a horse. Beautiful photos and clear diagrams make it easy to track and understand your horse’s nutrition, behavior, requirements and emergency medical care. Keep it handy and you will reference it a lot.

13. the complete practical guide to pets and ornamental birds: how to keep pet birds-with expert advice on buying, lodging, feeding, handling, breeding and exhibiting from David Alderton

This recently updated book is a complete reference guide for all fans of feathered friends. Learn more about housing, buying, feeding, handling, general health, exposure and breeding. A close look at more than 250 examples offers a fascinating insight into the appearance, characteristics and breeding habits of each large group of birds. Over 800 photographs illustrate this essential guide to pet breeding.

14. Colonists Natural Chicken Keeping Manual: Raising a Healthy Herd, from Beginning to End by Amy K. Fewell

This book is a modern Homesteader’s guide to raising, feeding, breeding, selling and enjoying chickens in a natural way. Get a better understanding of chickens and their care, from setting up to herbal remedies, as well as recipes and tips for starting an egg business.

15. Encyclopedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish by David Alderton

This manual deals with the conservation of freshwater and saltwater fish indoors or outdoors. The captivating color repertoire of more than 800 popular pet fish is accompanied by guides that will help you choose the right fish and learn how to care for it. From water settings to breeding, this book offers everything you need to be a Fintastic fish holder.

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